Weight Loss and the Flu – is it Lasting?

Last week, I had a nasty flu bug running through the house. I didn’t get ANY working out done at all. Today was weigh in day for our Biggest Loser competition, and I’m not sure how I feel about how I did.

On one hand, I should be happy, as I did successfully lose weight.

But how good should I really feel? I mean, seriously…I didn’t work out at all. The first few days of the week I was so sick I couldn’t keep anything down. The second half of the week I was unable to eat anything.

I didn’t get off the couch until Saturday. We actually had to make a trip to Walmart to replenish some supplies. Surprisingly, we were just about out of food! Can’t imagine how that happened!! LOL

Seriously though. I wasn’t able to eat anything without feeling incredibly nauseous until yesterday! So, between losing everything and not being able to eat anything, I lost weight. And I didn’t do anything other than lay on this extremely uncomfortable couch.

Should I hold out hope for next week’s weigh in?

Or should I merely try to catch the flu bug again? (OK, that was said as a joke…kinda…)

My biggest worry is that if I start eating “normally” that I will gain back everything I lost last week. :-S I am really scared of that happening. Then I will have wasted an entire week!

I’m trying to stay positive though. As long as I get right back on track with my healthy eating and exercising, then I shouldn’t gain any of it back, and in fact, lose even more this week.



That’s what I’m hoping. The alternative is simply too depressing to think about.

I reckon we will just have to wait and see next Monday, won’t we?

Oh, I have not told you what I lost this week! I am down 4.2 pounds from last Monday, and 2.5 inches. Not bad for not working out at all, right?

But, no more resting days this week. Nope, starting today it’s back to watching what I eat, staying away from sweets, and working out and walking!

What do you do after a sickness?

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