We Got a New Puppy!

I know, this is a little late, as I’ve already posted about Molly, but I wanted to tell you about our new puppy! Her name is Molly, she’s a hound mix, and OMG she is SO ADORABLE!!!

We recently had to put two of our dogs down, due to a dog fight. It was a really rough day. One of the dogs that died was mine & Bella’s, so she and I were positively heart broken. I was even more heart broken when I had to hold my baby girl that night as she cried herself to sleep. I have to tell you, I don’t ever want to go through THAT again!

Anyway, the next morning was a Saturday (I remember because we decided to go yardsaling), and we ended up going to the shelters to look at new dogs. You know, the whole “get back on the horse” after you fall off thing. Honestly, I detest going to shelters because they are so depressing. I truly believe that all of those dogs are begging me to take them home, and their little hearts break a little more as I walk past.

David fell in love with this HUGE, and I do mean HUGE, Great Dane/Rhodesian Ridgeback boy. Unfortunately, he was a little too aggressive. He actually lunged at David, then at me, snapping, growling and biting. When we said something to the shelter staff, they simply said “oh, he’s not aggressive, he’s never done that before…” Well, sorry, but he isn’t going to find a home when he’s lunging at people. But, I digress.

We also found 2 puppies that Belle and I completely fell in love with. They were both the same color as Gunnar, that reddish brownish color. They were also roughly the same age…close, anyway. One was a little younger than the other, and therefore not quite ready to leave the shelter. We settled on the one that was old enough to come home with us that day: obviously Molly!

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