Tinkerbell Twirly Skirt!

Well, I did it! I finished my first twirly skirt with my new sewing machine. Have I mentioned that I love this sewing machine?? And Bella loves her new skirt!

As my first project with my new sewing machine, I got some Tinkerbell fabric, as well as some purple and some green to make Belle a twirly skirt. The process was a little touch and go, as there are a lot of feet that came with my sewing machine that I’m just not familiar with.

As an example, usually gathering is done with the all purpose foot, but my Singer Stylist came with a “gathering foot” that enables you to gather and sew fabric together at the same time. It also came with a “rolled hem” foot, which really made the hemming a lot easier. It also came out looking GREAT!

I’m having problems uploading pictures, I have no idea why…it’s very upsetting. So, as soon as I can I will try to get pictures posted.

Twirly skirt

I’ve finally figured out the problem with the photo uploading. Sorry about the delay. Back to the skirt. Belle LOVES this new skirt. She has been trying to wear it every day all week. lol I love the twirly aspect:

Twirl Skirt

I tried to use the gathering foot on my new sewing machine (have I mentioned how much I LOVE it??), but it didn’t work well. Well, I’m sure it does, I just haven’t gotten the knack of it yet. Basically, the problem I had was that it didn’t gather evenly. There are better ruffles on one side of the skirt than on the other. I’m definitely going to redo the skirt, it’s a learning curve. I will eventually get the hang of my new machine.

Tinkerbell twirl skirt

I am really liking the ability to make pretty clothes for my princesses. I think the next one I make will be a dress. 🙂

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