Pettiskirt Dress – My Next Project

I really never realized how much my girls love twirly skirts…but they are keeping me busy with making some for them. While discussing Easter dress possibilities with them, all (except Ashley, of course **rolls eyes**) of them want a pretty twirly skirt. The only condition I put on it was that the colors had to be “spring-like” not their favorite colors. As an example, Kia wanted purple & black, which I told her wasn’t very Easter-like.

Have you jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet? I am so addicted to Pinterest; I spend hours at a time trying to find new inspiration for new craft projects. I have several different boards for varying topics of interest. All of the pics listed in this post can be viewed on my sewing board. That is also where you can get links to their original owners. I do not own any of these photos; click the image to go to the image on Pinterest, which will then lead you to the original site.

When I gave them the choice, they all liked the idea of the pettiskirts. They are so fluffy and pretty! I’m thinking that I would like to make it into a dress; that way, I don’t have to worry about trying to find a shirt to match. Again, Kiara wanted the purple and black, like the one in the picture below, but I told her that no matter how pretty it is, she cannot have it for Easter.

pettiskirt dress

There is just such a wide variety, not only in colors, but also in the different styles available for pettiskirts. I know, way too much information on this one topic, right? Oh well…LOL You will survive, or else you wouldn’t be here! ;-P

Here’s a pink/black pettiskirt that I LOVE. Even the saying on the shirt is cool. My kids liked this one too, but, again, I just don’t think black screams “Easter”…do you?


Kiara decided on yellow and white, like this one:


Amber’s going with some pretty lime green and hot pink. I love the colors on this one. I found some beautiful fabric with the main colors pink and lime green that I think I will either use to make the top of the dress, or simply use as adornments, such as the straps on the tank top and/or some pretty hairbows.

Belle normally loves purple and green, but in an effort to get her to agree to something (ANYTHING) other than purple & green, I showed her the bright turquoise and pink combination…she likes it! So her pettiskirt will be those two colors, and again, I found some coordinating fabric at Hobby Lobby, so I will be integrating them as well. The following picture is not quite as bright as I’m hoping for, but it’s close:

Dakota wants me to make him a suit…lol not sure if I’ll get to that in time, but I will try! And Ashley…well, she’s a do it herself kind of person, so she may do her own dress, I am not sure.

I will post pics of the dresses as I get them done. OK, off to Zumba!!

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