Our Creative Sand Castle Birthday Cake

Kiara wanted a sand castle birthday cake this year. I was excited; I’ve never done one of them before! So, I fired up Google Images and started doing an intense search. OK, so perhaps the first few I picked were a little more ambitious than I should have considered…after all, she wanted one that looks just like an actual sandcastle you would make at the beach.

The ones I really liked and wanted to actually try turned out to be wedding cakes…so they had a “beach” theme, but were really fancy! I’m talking 3-5 tier cakes with smooth fondant, shells and flowers…they were colored a pretty shade of blue, or the color of sand.

The one I ended up making was really cool. Here’s a pic of it:

It actually came out fairly well, I think…and she really loved it, which is all that counts. It was a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting (Kiara’s favorite).

To make the “sand”, we took crushed up vanilla wafers. We put them in a plastic zip-loc baggie and smashed them with a meat tenderizer. Then, to make sure it was fine enough, we ran the crumbs through a small-holed colander. Then we carefully patted it on over the frosting.

To make the turrets, I used rice crispie treats. I do not recommend letting a teenager mix the rice crispies up though…Ashley wasted an entire batch because she didn’t do it right! We molded them into the turret shape that we wanted, then cut out spots in the cake where we wanted them to go. The turrets were covered with the frosting, then the sand was added.

The shells we put on the cake were actual sea shells that David got from the beach last year. We washed them out, let them dry and placed them on there.

And voila! A beautiful sand castle cake! What do y’all think? Have you made a sandcastle cake before?

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