Our New Wheels

It can get expensive driving a suburban around all the time…gas is somewhere around three and a half dollars a gallon, and let’s face it, a Suburban is NOT good on gas mileage! Add to that the fact that David has to drive into San Antonio every day (leaving me here with all the kids and no vehicle!) and we have a big problem! So, we bought a new car…and of course, Ashley is buying her FIRST car. Exciting!

our new cars

That First Car Excitement

Do you remember that feeling of buying your first car? That first step of independence? The feeling of owning your own method of transportation is one many of us will never forget! Well, my oldest daughter just bought her first car. I’m sad. Happy for her, for sure, but it’s just another sign that my baby girl is growing up and moving on…and that makes me sad.

She and her father made a few trips around town and even into San Antonio, looking at cars, test driving a few. She apparently fell in love with this one, because she bought it that day. It’s actually a nice little car, a great first car. Many of us had a first car that was partially falling apart, perhaps the radio didn’t work (if it even had a radio), but it was usually cheap and had something wrong with it. Mine didn’t have a working radio.

I’m glad Ashley had her Daddy to go with her and help her avoid buying a lemon. Honestly, my first car (and a few subsequent ones) was a lemon. It died in less than a year. A WASTE of money.

She ended up getting a 1999 Mercury Cougar. The car is pretty nice, and it drives really well. Well, I had an issue with the steering, but other than that it’s nice. It’s a 6 cylinder so it has a little bit of pickup, and the steering is just a little bit touchy. It’s black, which I find boring, but my opinion isn’t the one that counts! LOL Hopefully once she gets her license, (yes, she bought her car before getting her driver’s license!) she won’t get in trouble with it! It is, after all, a sports car!

Now we just have to get our schedules to mesh so that she gets driving time. This may be the hardest part. Oi. Trying to find time when both of us (or her & her father) have the same time free to actually get some practice time in has been a challenge in itself.

In addition to Ashley getting her first car, we have also bought another car for us. It’s a necessity, especially now, when David just got a new job in the city. He can’t leave us without a vehicle all day, and driving the truck into the city will cost a LOT of money in gas. So, we starting looking for another vehicle around the same time that Ashley did. We were looking for a 4 cylinder vehicle that would be cheap on gas, not another truck that would fit everyone. Fitting our entire family was not a requirement. The only thing that was a requirement was that it had to be good on gas.

We got a punch buggy. Or a slug bug, whatever you grew up calling it. David grew up calling it a “slug bug”, me a “punch buggy”. Now my kids call it a punch buggy. My 12 year old spent the entire first trip out in it watching to see if she could see anyone punching each other. It was hilarious.

Anyway, I digress. I love this car (and surprisingly so does David!). It’s my favorite color, sapphire blue, and even has a sticker on the window that says “I love dolphins”. AND it’s a 5 speed standard transmission. What’s not to love? We have already gone just over a hundred miles and the gas gauge has barely moved a quarter of a tank.

David used the punch buggy to go pick Kia up from GS camp…and she laughed at him. LAUGHED. I laughed when I heard that! I asked her why she laughed, and she said because it was funny seeing her “tall, imposing, threatening father driving this tiny little punch buggy”. Couldn’t have said it better kid! 😉

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