My New Awesome Jamicure!

I have recently discovered a new way to do my nails! Traditional nail polish takes so long to get anything unique, and stinks…and makes a mess on your nails…and leaves me feeling like I can’t touch them for at least 2 hours after I’m finished! But with Jamberry nail wraps, I’m done in less than 30 minutes, no wetness, no stink and no mess!

Jamberry Star Spangled wrap

My First Wrap

For my first wrap, I chose the Star Spangled because it’s so patriotic! I put it on over the weekend, Saturday I believe, and there are no chips or anything! Usually if I use normal nail polish, it’s half coming off by now. But not the Jamberry wraps! LOVE them! And to make it even better, I still have enough for another manicure and possibly a pedicure (although I haven’t tried that myself yet).

Next I hope to try some of the clear wraps. I LOVE the clear wraps, because they can be layered over any color you want! Imagine the possibilities!

What I Love About Jamberry Nail Wraps

The shorter list would be what I don’t love about Jamberry wraps! I love the price! The last time (and only time!) I went to a salon for a manicure, I spent $65 PLUS a tip. Jamberry isn’t even close to that price! One wrap will do at least 2 manicures and 1 pedicure. (I have not personally done a pedicure yet…I have weird toes, and don’t like people seeing them.) You can actually get around 8 manicures and 4 pedicures for less than that price.

I love how easy they are to put on. Usually when I paint my nails, I have to do 2 layers of color, then a top coat, with dry time in between layers. That’s a lot of time for a busy Mom! Not with the wraps! All I had to do was cut the wrap, heat it, place and file. I had both hands completed in about half an hour (not bad for my first time!) And, I just happened to get interrupted while putting on my wraps; but it was no big deal, as my hands weren’t wet or sticky. Great for busy Moms!!!

I love that I have been wearing them for 5 days now, and there are no chips. My nails look just as good today as they did the day I did them. 🙂

I love the WIDE array of designs available. There is truly something for everyone! Many of these designs, while possible to create with traditional polish, would take a LOOOOONNG time and considerable talent to do.

I LOVE how easy it is to earn FREE Jamberry nail wraps!! I hosted a party a couple of weeks ago, and earned 6 free wraps! It was so hard to choose which designs I wanted too, let me tell you! I will share the designs once I get them. They should be here today! So excited!

What I Dislike About Jamberry Nail Wraps

This is going to be a short list. Honestly, there isn’t much about them that I dislike.

I can’t think of anything I dislike about them…sorry.

So, if you haven’t tried Jamberry Nail Wraps yet, I DEFINITELY recommend them! You’ll never go back!

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