My Completed Reversible Blanket

The youth pastor at our church recently had a baby who will be 2 in September. I started crocheting this blanket when his wife was still pregnant…and I just gave it to her at church on Sunday. I am SUCH A SLACKER!

reversible crocheted blanket

I love crocheting blankets…it’s my favorite crochet project. This reversible blanket that I started a couple of years ago was really fun to make. I really have no excuse for taking so long to make it; I know that I lost the pattern a few times, and lost my hook a couple times as well, but it still shouldn’t have taken me so long to complete it.

Most crocheted blankets are one-sided; you crochet whatever pattern you’re doing on only one side of the blanket. This pattern intrigued me, because it’s reversible. I love it! I’m still not even sure how the pattern works, but I love that it’s one color on one side and another color on the other side. Perfect! Especially for someone like me, who likes a vast variety of colors. 🙂

I originally got the idea from Ravelry. I love that site. If you ever need ideas on what to make, Ravelry is the place to go! Plenty of patterns on there, some free, some for sale, some for yarn, some for thread. HUGE variety. Anyway, I got the original idea from there. I tweaked the pattern a little bit, and made my own border design. I did this so that it would show the blue border on the brown side, and vice versa.

I may need to write something up for a pattern illustrating exactly how I made the blanket. I really like it! I’m thinking that for the next one, I may make a pink and green one…even David likes this blanket, as it has “no holes” like most crocheted blankets. He hates holes in his blankets.

This blanket is actually quite big, especially since it was made for a baby. One of my pet peeves has always been tiny baby blankets that only last for the first month of a baby’s life. What’s the point in that? What a waste! So, when I make a baby blanket, I always make it large enough to last them at least the first 5 years of their life. Well, for most children at least. 🙂 Some babies end up taller than others!

If you look at the pictures in the slideshow, you can see that one of my girls is holding up the blanket in front of our tv. She is a few weeks away from 7 years old, and is almost 4 feet tall. That just goes to show how big that blanket is!

The good news is, that even though I was a little late delivering this blanket to our church’s youth pastor’s wife, she is expecting another baby later this year, so she’ll still be able to use the blanket for him! 🙂

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