More Cricut Vinyl & Paper Projects

As in most of my posts, I’m a little behind…but the Easter Bunny made the kids some pretty cool bookmarks this year. It’s been so long since I have been able to get on the Cricut machine. And actually, I used a different die cutter for this project: the Bosscut Gazelle. You can still do this project on your Cricut though, don’t worry! The bookmarks came out really great too! I also made a vinyl wall art for Amber; it’s her name with a soccer ball. It looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself!

For the bookmarks, I chose an easter cross SVG file I found on Michelle’s Adventures with Digital Creations. I loved the look. I used the shadow file and the one with the word “FAITH” in the center. I then chose two coordinating colored papers that I thought each of the kids would like most, cut them out on my die cutter and glued them together. They came out beautiful!

Here’s a picture of all 5 of them:


The blue & brown Easter bookmark was for Dakota. Unfortunately, I use it more than he does. But at least it gets used. LOL He reads a lot, I’m not sure why he doesn’t use the bookmark from the Easter bunny, but he apparently prefers to use the ones the library offers for free. There’s no accounting for taste! Seriously, I would love to get more of these made up. They would make some great gifts! LOL

The other project I made was out of Cricut vinyl. I’ve missed working with vinyl. It’s a fun and addicting hobby. I’ve been wanting to make some wall art for a while. I especially want to make some scripture verses for my wall, I just can’t decide on a verse! It’s a tough decision…there are so many that I think really would fit in our family, but I only have so much wall space! LOL

The kids have been wanting something personal with their names on it for their bedroom walls. So far, I’ve only finished Amber’s. It came out pretty well. You can view the picture below:


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