Making an X-Box Controller Birthday Party Invitation

Our son’s birthday party is coming up, and since his new obsession is with Disney’s Infinity game, we decided to make his invitations in the shape of X-Box controllers. At the party, he wants him and his friends to play his favorite game.

They came out really nice, if I do say so myself. D. helped me with cutting them out (which we did on my Bosskut Gazelle). I weeded everything, D. sorted it out and kept them separate, A. drew on the letters and did the shading on the buttons and I glued the cards together. I am very happy with how the cards came out.

I got the SVG file I used from Birds Cards. It’s a well put together file, and was easy to cut on my FunTime software. All I had to do was change the outline color of each shape, and cut them one set at a time. I have downloaded some SVG files that were not “cut ready”

In FunTime, you can change the color of the shapes; then when you click “Cut Project”, it allows you to choose to cut specific colors or all of them at once. I chose to cut the shapes in phases, which allowed me to get the white card, the colored buttons and the gray controller aspects. If you’re interested, I would be happy to make a video showing you how to do this. So if you have a Gazelle with FunTime software, comment below and let me know!

2015-01-13 21.11.10

D. was very excited about his invitations, and wrote the party details inside the card on his own. We also got a lot of nice comments from the parents!

It had been a while since I had used my Gazelle, and I had forgotten how much I really enjoy it! I need to come up with more things to make. Maybe I need to pull out my vinyl and make some coasters. Maybe it’s time I start to fill up those beautiful albums with some scrapbooking pages. I truly do have a lot to do! Now to find the time in which to do it…

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