I Finally Did Day 3! Better Late Than Never!

I’m a little late, due to my oral surgery, but I got back on track today. I did the Tae Bo Ripped Extreme, as outline in my Day 2 check in post. This is a hard one, but I am glad I jumped back on the bandwagon today. How did you do?

Tae Bo Weight Loss Challenge Progress

Since I took…5 (YIKES!) days off, you may be doing better than I am at staying on track with this challenge. I don’t want to get this far off track again! I’m blessed to have actually lost 2-1/2 inches AND 2.2 lbs, but I’m not confident that I will get these results every week if I continue to slack off. Just think of the results I may see if I actually do the workout at least 5 days in the next week!!! THAT gets me REALLY excited!! 😀


Remember, this is an “at your own risk” challenge, I’m not endorsing it, or claiming miraculous results. You’re responsible for your own choices in doing these workouts, blah blah…I am merely posting these to keep myself accountable and to meet my own goals. So, if you choose to join me in this challenge, you do so at your own risk, and assume responsibility for your own health and choices.

How I’m Feeling Today

How I’m feeling today is a definite reflection of what it’s like when you take several days off…I had a really hard time motivating myself to do the Tae Bo workout today. Because I have been relatively immobile for the past 5 days, I got really lethargic! It’s like I had no energy and no motivation to do ANYTHING! Luckily, I was able to get myself up off my computer and active. I did do the workout…although…I was unable to do ALL of it!

If you haven’t done this video, it is just over an hour long. An hour and 3 minutes, if I remember correctly. I completed about 46 minutes of the workout. Close…but I did as much as I could. Oi. This one’s a doozy. And, it requires the use of weights, so if you don’t have any hand weights, I suggest you get some. You could also use water bottles, or cans or something too.

Anyway, after I completed the Tae Bo workout, I really felt more alive than I have in the past 5 days! Every muscle in my body had been worked, and I just felt like my blood was pumping through my body. I know, that sounds stupid, right? But seriously…when you’re fairly inactive for almost an entire week, then get up and do an extremely active workout, you DO feel like your blood is just pumping like crazy. I don’t know how else to describe the feeling.

If you are keeping up with my 6 week Tae Bo Weight Loss Challenge, make sure you’re posting about your journey on your blog, or commenting on my posts! I would love to help keep you on track, just like y’all are keeping me on track! In my eyes, keeping each other accountable is the best way to ensure our success. If this is your first time hearing about the challenge, it’s never too late to join! We would love to have you!

So what’s up for tomorrow? Are y’all ready for a new Tae Bo workout?? I’m excited. Now that I’ve finally gotten back on track, I’m looking forward to doing tomorrow’s workout. I’m especially excited after today’s weigh in results to stick to the routine for the entire coming week, so I can see what great results I have next Monday!

The workout I plan on doing tomorrow is called Tae Bo Fat Burn. So I will get back with you tomorrow and let you know how I do! 🙂 Leave a message below if you’d like me to add a link to your blog post about your journey through the Tae Bo Weight Loss Challenge. 🙂

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