Howl-O-Scream Sea World San Antonio

Sunday, we took the kids to Sea World’s Howl-O-Scream event. It was so much fun! They really go all out for Halloween. The picture above is normally a tiled fountain, but now it is a haunted dj booth! Pretty cool, huh? We didn’t stay late enough for the DJ dance event, but we hope to go again this weekend, so perhaps we’ll make it then.

Our camera (or perhaps it’s the user…which is David, in case you were wondering ) is taking crappy pictures lately so I don’t have that many to offer you this time. But, here’s another one of the fish that came out fairly OK.

One of my favorite parts of Sea World is the dolphin exhibit. Dolphins are so beautiful. Someday I really want to swim with them…that would be my idea of a perfect vacation! Anyway, last time we went, we all fed the dolphins. This time we didn’t but we did get a nice picture of them, and watched them frolic and play for a little while.

See, aren’t dolphins beautiful? Anyway…we only rode 2 different rides; the kiddy roller coaster (that’s Me & Belle…Kia is sitting in front of us, and doesn’t she look excited?? Dakota was terrified on this ride, Kiara was bored and Belle was just unimpressed. Weird that Kia refuses to go on any “adult” roller coasters. I think Belle is going to be like Ashley & Daddy, and love roller coasters.

The kids really loved the various…”decorations” shall we say, that were put up around the park. Here’s one of a Spurs player playing basketball with Kobe Bryant’s skull…they posed in front of it! Cute, huh?

HA! And here’s another preview…Guess this guy was kept on hold a little too long! LOL

While I was waiting in line with Ashley, Kiara and Amber for the Haunted Forest, David took the younger 2 to the Shamu show. I still haven’t seen this, but here are a couple cute pics of it! We say this everytime we go, but NEXT TIME I will go see a show!!!

Do you see why I really can’t wait to see a show? What a beautiful animal Shamu is!!! If we go this weekend, I’m really hoping to go see Shamu.

Unfortunately, because David was taking photos of Shamu, he missed out on pictures of the “shovel men”…the really scary stuff comes out at 6:00 in certain parts of Sea World; and of course, since we were in line for the “scary” version of the Haunted Forest (which, obviously starts at 6 pm as well) we were also in the section of the park that had scary parts. So, these zombies with shovels begin walking up and down the roads…and WOW! They did NOT skimp on the makeup! Awesome make up jobs, and the people really walk like they’re zombies…it’s pretty cool.

One of them got me…I was standing in line, leaning over the rope, trying to find David (Amber was trying to back out because she was getting scared) and all of a sudden, one of them jumps at me, scraping their shovel right up to me! Yeah…freaked me out just a little…OK, a LOT!

Anyway, if you haven’t gone to Howl-O-Scream at Sea World yet, I highly recommend it!!


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