We are a homeschooling family; there is an interesting story to our beginnings. While I’ve always wanted to homeschool my kids, I never really had the opportunity, nor did I know much about it. But, when we lived in South Carolina, we had an issue which forced our hand.

Kiara was in elementary school, and was in an advanced program that, one day a week, went to another school for a different type of class. They took attendance at school, then were bussed to the other school for this program. In the morning, the kids had time to play outside. One day, while she was playing outside, a group of boys pushed her down.

She landed on her hands, hurting her wrist. She was sent to the nurse’s office, given ice, then sent back to class. Notice that she was brought to the NURSE’S office.

Even though she cried, telling the teacher that it hurt to write (she’s right handed, and it was her right wrist that hurt), they ignored her, telling her that it was just bruised and she had to do her school work. Even when the advanced program sent the children back to their original schools for the rest of the afternoon, her regular teachers also told her that it was nothing but a bruise.

Because Kiara continued to complain about the pain, her regular teachers sent her to the nurse at her elementary school, who gave her more ice and told her that it was just bruised. Keep in mind that she has now been to see TWO nurses!!

I was home all day…and when the school bus came and went without dropping my daughter off, I started getting a little worried. I started trying to call the school 30 minutes after Kia should have been dropped off. Imagine my worry; not only is my daughter half an hour late getting home from school, now the school isn’t answering the phone!!

To make a long story short, I finally got a hold of the principal, who told me that Kiara had “bruised her wrist” that morning so he felt she shouldn’t ride the bus home, in case she jostled it on someone’s backpack or the bus seat or something. Really??? At this point, it was over an hour after she was supposed to be home.

NOT ONCE did the school call me. NOT ONCE. I had a house phone, a cell phone, and the school had 2 emergency contacts who also had cell phones and house phones. Not to mention voice mail and caller ID. NOT ONE of these 6 phone numbers were called!

Anyway, I went to the school to pick Kiara up…and I was angry to begin with, but when I went there and looked at her wrist, I was LIVID. I had never seen a broken bone, but there was no mistaking that her wrist was broken. It was almost 4:30 at this point, on a Friday afternoon, and my baby had been dealing with the pain of a broken wrist since that morning. I don’t even think LIVID begins to describe how I was feeling.

It was such a hassle, trying to get her to the doctor’s office before they closed, then to the orthopedist before THEY closed. And that school hadn’t bothered to call me…and every person (NURSES INCLUDED) claimed that they thought it was only bruised???

Needless to say, they went to that school for 1 more week, which was the final week before Thanksgiving vacation, then I pulled them out. That week I spent my time researching the homeschooling laws in South Carolina and what I needed. We have been homeschooling ever since.

We are always on the search for free homeschooling resources because we are not a rich family. We also like to read about other homeschooling families; it helps keep us focused and can also help with support. All of us go through doubts and insecurities at some point.

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