Dental Work Got in the Way…

Sorry I’ve been absent…I had some dental work done Wednesday, and have been in some serious pain since then. It kind of makes it difficult to work out, or get anything typed, let alone actually think of anything interesting to say!


A combination of bad genetics, poor diet and too many pregnancies have given me a few dental issues…and Wednesday, when I went to the dentist, a spur of the moment decision was made to get 3 of my teeth pulled. OUCH.

Because I’m TERRIFIED of the dentist (as I know so many of us are) and was having an almost full out panic attack in the office, they made me a great deal on Nitrous, which my insurance carrier no longer covers. So, I had Nitrous to calm my nerves. Can I just say it was WORTH IT!!! I think I’m going to get Nitrous every time, even if they don’t make me the same deal.

Originally I had made the dentist appointment because I had an infection in my tooth; however, I cured the infection myself. Seriously. How did I do it? Organic coconut oil. I knew that the coconut oil helped keep the mouth clean, it sucks out the germs, but I had no idea that it would actually cure my tooth infection.

But it did! I called the dentist because I had that terrible painful pocket in the gum above the tooth, couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep…but I was coconut oil pulling for 5-7 minutes every time I ate or drank. Apparently it worked. I went to the dentist Wednesday and she said the infection was almost completely gone! That’s why I was able to have the tooth pulled. Wow!

If you have any dental pain at all, or even just sensitive teeth, I highly recommend oil pulling with organic coconut oil. Simply pull it through your teeth for 10 minutes every day and you will have a lot less tooth pain! In fact, I didn’t have any sensitivity at all when I was using it on a daily basis. The problem is, I stop once the pain stops, so preventative stuff doesn’t work for me simply because I don’t keep up with it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, I hope to be able to get back to Tae Bo today, but we’ll see how the pain is throughout the day. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll let you know for sure!

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