Large Family Meal Planning

Large family meal planning can be a challenge. It’s not like you can just throw something delicious together at the last minute for 7 people, especially when 5 of those people are picky children. So how do you cope?

The trick to providing your large family a variety of healthy and nutritious meals is to plan ahead. If you shop by the week, create a menu for the week; this will also help if you’re feeding a large family on a budget (and let’s face it, in this economy, who isn’t on a budget?).

Sort your recipes into categories, so they will be organized and you can find new recipes quickly and easily. If your recipes are on cards, organize them in a recipe box by meal type.

As you choose your meals for the week (or whatever time period you shop for) check your fridge and cupboards and write your shopping list. We like doing this because we don’t have to worry about not having any single ingredient for recipes. It negates all those annoying trips to the grocery store for “forgotten” items.

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