Cookies, Cookies Everywhere

It is that time of year again… Our living room and truck are full of cookies, and we are running around selling in booths. Girl Scout Cookie time, the busiest time of the year!

Initially, we had a ton of boxes of Girl Scout cookies that people had ordered from us. We are *thankfully* all done with cookie deliveries, and are now working on cookie booth sales. Do you know what those are? If you aren’t a Girl Scout mom, you may not! You know how you see girl scouts set up outside Walmart, CVS, your local grocery store and other locations? We have booths outside pizza places, Tractor Supply and Dollar stores just to name a few other locations. They are selling their cookies, trying to earn that 50 cents per box that the troop gets from that box of cookies. Well, at least that’s all our troop gets!

Therefore, even though we are all finished with the initial orders, we still have a living room full of cases upon cases of cookies!!!

On a positive note, the girls have really enjoyed the responsibility of taking orders, delivering cookies, counting money and keeping track of inventory. Maybe I have some future entrepreneurs on my hands! 😉 They have at least earned a few badges for all of this hard work. In addition to all of the hard work they’ve done in keeping track of money and cookie inventory, all 3 of the girls have been working on selling the cookies at numerous cookie booths.

Well, I say numerous…but honestly we’ve only done 2 so far; the 3rd one got canceled because it was only in the 20s outside! I didn’t want everyone to get sick from being out in the cold. Didn’t work by the way. Everyone caught a really bad cold anyway. *sigh*

Our final cookie booth is this week, I’m really praying that it will be warm weather. I don’t think I can take another 2 hours of sitting in cold weather! And yes, I realize that those of you in the Northeast believe I’m a wussy…it’s OK! I’m OK with being a wussy! I’m just more comfortable in weather that is warmer than 80 degrees. My favorite. Standing outside when it is less than 50 degrees is not my idea of fun.

And, in case you were wondering, my girls aren’t big fans either!

But, I digress. If you’re looking for GS cookies, I can hook you up. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for warm weather you’re out of luck. I can’t help you.

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