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Family Life

The Yearly Anniversary Every Mother Would Dread


If you’re a mother who has lost a child, you understand what this anniversary is. It’s the reminder that on this date, you lost something so precious that it ripped out a little of your heart. A piece of you is now missing. And no matter how much time passes, on this date, you relive it all.

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Cookies, Cookies Everywhere


It is that time of year again… Our living room and truck are full of cookies, and we are running around selling in booths. Girl Scout Cookie time, the busiest time of the year!

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We Got a New Puppy!


I know, this is a little late, as I’ve already posted about Molly, but I wanted to tell you about our new puppy! Her name is Molly, she’s a hound mix, and OMG she is SO ADORABLE!!!

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Her Heart Must Be Breaking…

I’m glad I didn’t have to bring Molly this morning. David volunteered to bring her for me. I think her heart must be breaking, and she’s thinking we have deserted her!

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Making an X-Box Controller Birthday Party Invitation


Our son’s birthday party is coming up, and since his new obsession is with Disney’s Infinity game, we decided to make his invitations in the shape of X-Box controllers. At the party, he wants him and his friends to play his favorite game.

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Our New Wheels

our new cars

It can get expensive driving a suburban around all the time…gas is somewhere around three and a half dollars a gallon, and let’s face it, a Suburban is NOT good on gas mileage! Add to that the fact that David has to drive into San Antonio every day (leaving me here with all the kids and no vehicle!) and we ...

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Dental Work Got in the Way…

prevent tooth pain with coconut oil

Sorry I’ve been absent…I had some dental work done Wednesday, and have been in some serious pain since then. It kind of makes it difficult to work out, or get anything typed, let alone actually think of anything interesting to say!

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We’re Having Homemade Macaroni and Cheese for Dinner!

  We are having some delicious homemade macaroni and cheese for dinner tonight! This is one of our favorite meals, and I seriously cannot wait until tonight! A. is mad because she has to work and won’t be home…she missed it last time I made it too. 😉 Normally we use elbow macaroni, but this time we decided to spruce ...

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What I Use for Meal Planning


Meal planning is a MUST for large families. If you’re the matriarch of a larger than normal household, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Planning ahead allows you to shop ahead, which allows you to save money. 🙂 Here are the tools I use to plan my weekly meals and shopping lists.

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