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My Completed Reversible Blanket

reversible crocheted blanket

The youth pastor at our church recently had a baby who will be 2 in September. I started crocheting this blanket when his wife was still pregnant…and I just gave it to her at church on Sunday. I am SUCH A SLACKER!

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Belle’s Crocheted Sun Hat


I took a couple of nights to make Belle (my little red-headed fair-skinned child) a sun hat. Of course it’s purple and green because those are her favorite colors. šŸ™‚ Sorry for how she’s dressed…she was outside playing nerf guns with her brother & sister. šŸ™‚

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Free Crochet Patterns Site

I was looking for some new crochet patterns yesterday…I normally go through either www.freepatterns.com or a Lions Brand app that I have on my iPhone. Well, I wasn’t finding what I was looking for, so I went on a hunt! And I found a great listing of free crochet patterns at All Free Crochet. Their website is a little hard to navigate; there ...

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Crochet Care Bear Blanket Pattern

Well, it took me a few months, but I’ve finally finished my crocheted Care Bear blanket pattern. I’ve started crocheting it, but with all the color changing I have to do, it’s going to take me a while. Here’s the image I’m using for my pattern: Personally, I think it would have looked better with a WHITEĀ background, but Amber wants ...

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Crocheted Baby Blanket

Baby blankets are usually so small that they can only work for the first month of the baby’s life. I’ve always hated that! Babies need blankets past the age of 1 month, right? So when IĀ make a baby blanket, IĀ make sure they’re super soft and big enough that the baby can cuddle up with it for a long time! This ...

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Care Bear Blanket Update

IĀ just realized that I haven’t given an update on the crocheted Care Bear blanket that I’ve been working on. It’s really taking a while! LOL But, I think it will be worth it when it’s finished. IF I ever finish it! It’s taking quite a while, and I think I’m not even halfway finished with it yet…But, here’s a pic ...

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