6 Week Tae Bo Challenge – Join Me!

OK, I’ve gotten WAY too out of shape, and gained WAY too much weight. Much of it is because my lifestyle has changed so drastically…I work at home, I teach my kids at home, so I don’t move as much as I used to. Therefore, I’m not doing a thing to lose the weight!

My main problem is motivation. I KNOW that I am unhappy with myself, and really need to get on the ball with exercise, but even with that, I need something (someone) to keep me accountable. So, I have decided to create a 6 week challenge and invite all of y’all to join me!

Tae Bo Weight Loss Challenge Details

My challenge to all of y’all (and of course to me!) is to do a Tae Bo workout at least 5 times per week for a total of 6 weeks. To keep myself accountable, I will be posting an update each evening stating whether or not I did the workout for that day. I’ll also include the link to the workout planned for the next day so that you can do it with me!

Today’s Monday, so each Monday I will be weighing myself and taking measurements of the following:

  • thigh;
  • hips;
  • waist;
  • bust;
  • upper arm.

Sorry, I’m too embarrassed to share my starting measurements and weight…BUT I will tell you next week (and each Monday after that) what the changes in my weight AND measurements are.

I am taking pictures of myself each Monday as well, and at the END of the challenge I will post them to share. I recommend you do the same…one thing I’ve found is that a lot of times the scale will not change, but my body measurements will…this is why I think it’s important to do BOTH.

Join My Weight Loss Challenge Today!

The challenge starts today!! Let’s all get up off this couch together and DO SOMETHING about this weight and unhealthy lifestyle!

Today, I’ll be starting with the video below; it’s available on YouTube so you don’t have to spend any money to get started!

<h3>Share Your Weight Loss Progress!</h3>

Have you written a blog post on your blog sharing your Tae Bo progress? Share them with us by entering the link to your post below. I will add the links to my daily posts. 🙂 ***PLEASE ONLY LINK TO YOUR PROGRESS POST. LINKS NOT TO A TAE BO CHALLENGE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRESS UPDATE WILL NOT BE POSTED. THANK YOU!***

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