10 Cricut Vinyl Project Ideas

I’ve seen a lot of people wondering what projects they can do with their Cricut machine and vinyl. So, here are my cricut vinyl project ideas! By the way, these are all projects I plan on doing realllllllllllly soon!!

Cricut Tool Kit

  1. Etched Glass Mirror.

    Cricut Walk in My Garden Cartridge
    – $ 54.59
    Walk in My Garden creative features Card, Bread Tag, Tag, Border, Shadow and Blackout. Every letter and shape can be cut in 11 sizes. Whimsical collection of flowers, bugs, and garden accessories. 6600 variations Designed by Brenda Birrell
    I bought a round, 12″ (I think), mirror from Michael’s. Using my Cricut Expression and vinyl, I’m going to use the glass etching solution to etch a beautiful design…now I just have to pick a design that I like! LOL I’m thinking of putting the words “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…who’s the fairest of them all? But, then I think maybe I should put a scroll type of design on it…and then another day, I think of etching a Care Bear on it for one of my kids, or skulls and crossbones for another one…or Tinkerbell for my youngest…I just haven’t been able to decide yet! (I’m open to ideas!! *wink wink*

  2. Etched Glasses.

    Cricut Christmas Cheer Cartridge
    – $ 54.59
    Christmas Cheer creative features Square, Circle, Tag, Place Card, Shadow and Blackout. Every letter and shape can be cut in 11 sizes. Christmas Cheer gives your cards and layouts the extra Ho Ho Ho they need to really sparkle! Designed by Rob & Bob Studio
    If you want to add a special touch to a bridal shower, wedding, or any special event you can etch elegant designs on wine glasses, drinking glasses, shot glasses, or even beer mugs! Put vines, flowers, stars, favorite sports team logo, anything you want on it.


  3. Coffee Cups or Water Bottles.

     Putting vinyl designs onto aluminum water bottles or coffee mugs is a great way to personalize! They also make great gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, or whatever occasion!

  4. Wall Decor.
    Vinyl wall art is the newest craze! With your Cricut machine, you can make your own. Whether you have a sentiment you want to put on your wall, or you want to decorate your kids’ bedrooms, you can do it all with your Cricut. I can’t do this part yet, I have to wait until we repaint. (We have textured walls, and with 5 kids they’re pretty dirty…but when I tried to wash them, all it did was peel the paint off and made it look worse than it did before I washed it…so, we are just going to repaint WITHOUT the texture.)
    Cricut Disney Tinkerbell Shape Cartridge
    – $ 79.99
    Tinker Bell and her new fairy friends Fawn, Rosetta, Iridessa, and Silvermist are beautifully rendered on this cartridge, which contains all the favorite poses as well as pretty botanicals and other items from the movie. With over two dozen uniquely designed phrases and elegant fairy silhouettes with filigree wings, there is bound to be something for every fan! Cartridge includes Flesh/Hair, Wings/White, Outfit/Outfit, Eyes/Lips/Extra, Filigree and Shadow/Blackout creative features.


  5. Decorate Laptop and Cricut Machine.

    Make your laptop and/or your Cricut reflect your personal style! Decide upon a design, cut it out, and attach it. Voila! Your own customized and fashionable machine! I’ve already started mine, I will post pics to my Cricut Vinyl page as soon as I have it done!

  6. Vehicle Stickers.

    Now you can make your own bumper stickers! Have you seen them on other cars, but haven’t been able to find them? Well, create your own! This is such a fun & great cricut vinyl project idea…and think of the money you’ll save, not having to buy all of those bumper stickers!

    You can also make window signs…either advertising your business or website, or showing your support for your favorite sports team. I’m going to put a few on my truck too, just waiting until we wash it…it’s pretty dusty right now, and you have to apply the vinyl to a freshly washed window. So, this project is currently on hold…

  7. Labeling.
    Do you have a ton of storage bins, or a filing cabinet, craft cabinet, or anything like that? It can be hard to find things or to put things away where they belong without knowing what’s in each bin. Cut out some vinyl words to label everything with. It allows you to have fun while organizing (and I don’t know about you, but any fun we can add to organizing is GREAT because I HATE organizing things!!)
    Cricut From My Kitchen Shape Cartridge
    – $ 89.99
    Cooking up scrumptious projects is a cinch with this cartridge. Gift tags and labels, recipe books and cards, are just a few cuts away. With a chic retro look, and everything from appliances, to utensils, to baked goodies and adorable animals, this collection of images is a recipe for fun. This cartridge includes: Layers, Shadow/Blackout, Words, Ovals, Ovals Shadow, and Tabs creative features. Cartridge cuts shapes out of cardstock, paper, vellum and other materials.


  8. Coasters.

    Spice up your home decor with some ceramic tile coasters, decorated with whatever suits your fancy. Home Depot sells 4-1/4″ x 4-1/4″ ceramic tiles for as low as $0.16 each, so a set of 4 doesn’t cost that much to make. They’re so fun, easy and quick to make too.

  9. Tile “Signs”.

    Cricut Winter Woodland Shape Cartridge
    – $ 89.99
    Winter never looked so pretty. This collection is a fresh take and different style, distinctly youthful and feminine. The elegant images look great layered, but are magnificent silhouettes as well. Though a Shape cartridge, it also contains a stylish font perfect for embellishing. With this cartridge, the woodland is a wonderland. This cartridge includes: Layers, Shadow/Blackout, Tag, Card, Font, and Font Shadow creative features. Cartridge cuts shapes out of cardstock, paper, vellum and other materials.
    Buy some larger size ceramic tiles (again, you can buy them at Home Depot) and create home decor items that everyone in your life will love! You can then drill holes in them to hang them on the wall, or buy plate stands and put them on a shelf. These are actually pretty popular for sentiments and personalized family signs.


  10. Glass Lights.

    Cricut Child’s Year Shape Cartridge
    – $ 89.99
    Sweet memories of youth will be a pleasure to document with flair using this whimsical cartridge. The cartridge includes: Monogram, Icon, Card, Tag, Font, and Shadow creative features. Cartridge cuts shapes out of cardstock, paper, vellum and other materials.
    Here’s a cricut vinyl project idea that I thought was really original. I first saw it on the Cricut message boards, and I have since seen it in many Etsy shops. At Michael’s, or Hobby Lobby, you can purchase glass blocks that have the center cut out. You can buy bulbs on cord separately, and place it in the center. You design the glass block however you want, placing vinyl designs.


I hope you enjoy my cricut vinyl project ideas. Please, leave a comment and share your ideas!

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